Johannah Lynch
11 months ago by Johannah Lynch

The Barton Partnership recently hosted a virtual panel discussion:

 Attracting & developing diverse future leaders in Management Consultancy 

  • (MK) Matt Krentz - Managing Director & Senior Partner, Global Leadership and D&I Chair - BCG

  • (JH) Julie Hood - Head of Strategy & Transactions for EMEIA - EY

  • (AP) Andrew Pearce - Managing Director & Executive Leadership Committee UK Chair - Accenture

  • (RP) Rebecca Pitman - Vice President, Human Resources - Altman Solon

Click here to watch the virtual panel in discussion.


The Questions asked during the discussion included;

  • We talk a lot about recruiting more diverse talent, but how are you increasing retention and advancement for diverse populations and under-represented populations within your organisations?

  • How do you measure the success of different initiatives you put in place? How do you know whether things are working or not?

  •  You have a diversity strategy, but does it help everybody at once? Do you think about a differentiated strategy across different marginalised populations in different ways? 

  • It has been predicted that women will take advantage of the hybrid working model more than men. How can organisations ensure that they’re not creating a male-dominated workplace and that women continue to progress?

  • What advice would you give individuals who are thinking about how to balance consulting and parenthood?

  • Can the panel talk about some of the pitfalls and successes of trying to build a sense of belonging in diverse communities?

  • How will the war for talent develop after Covid, and what does it take to attract high-potential talent?

  • Feedback is really important and something that is often overlooked. How do we make sure that it doesn’t create bias or a culture of needing to fit in and actually enables diverse talent to flourish and succeed?

  • Can you share three key initiatives that people can take back and start in their own organisations to impact D&I?

To find out their responses, click here to download the PDF.