AI and the C-Suite: Revolutionising decision-making processes

Location Online & on-demand

Tuesday, 17 October 2023

We were delighted to host four fantastic panellists, Sanjeevan Bala (ITV), Lisa Weaver-Lambert (Microsoft), Saker Ghani (Unlocked Ventures), and Beth Pollack (Decision Science Advisors), who explored the critical success factors when contemplating the adoption and integration of generative AI into strategies and processes, particularly at Board and Executive levels.
The discussion highlighted:
  • The vital role of human-AI collaboration in decision-making.
  • The need to establish clear ethical guidelines, including fairness, safety, and privacy.
  • The importance of integrating ethics throughout the AI development process.
  • The significance of transparency and continuous learning in AI adoption.
  • The pioneering industries shaping successful Gen AI integration.