Following our continued growth in North American, The Barton Partnership is a partner and member of the BritishAmerican Business.

BritishAmerican Business is a transatlantic business network dedicated to championing our members’ ideas, interests, people and values. From our vantage point location across the best business arena on the planet – New York and London – we connect executives, corporations, information, and the public.

The Barton Partnership is the official recruitment partner to the Strategic Planning Society. This partnership provides a great opportunity for both organisations to benefit from their knowledge and network in the Strategy market globally through career placement and recruitment services.

As part of the partnership, SPS has added a new Careers section – – to the SPS website that will allow SPS members and followers to search for strategy related career opportunities.

About The Strategic Planning Society (SPS)
SPS was formed in 1967 as an international network of strategists, dedicated to the development of strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic leadership.

The SPS Mission is to improve the practice, development and recognition of strategic management

The SPS Vision is of a dynamic, global strategic management community

• Members are individuals, corporate organisations, business schools policy makers in public bodies; including governments
• The SPS purpose is to strengthen the practice of strategic management in delivering real-time benefits for organisations worldwide.
• SPS is dedicated to supporting members to develop their strategic management capabilities.