In conversation with astronaut Major Tim Peake

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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

In conversation with astronaut Major Tim Peake

How do astronauts develop resilience to cope with the physically demanding and psychologically stressful environments they work in? Hear first-hand from astronaut and International Space Station crew member Major Tim Peake.

In this fascinating session, Major Peake shared his experiences and lessons learned, hard-won throughout his extensive astronaut training and culminating in his service aboard the International Space Station.  

It was hugely encouraging to hear him talk about coping strategies for changing circumstances, appreciating that whilst we cannot control what is going on around us, we can control our reaction to it by adopting a flexible and positive mindset. 

‘Normalising the abnormal’ - as he so brilliantly put it - putting structure, schedules and routines in place to help us thrive in times of uncertainty and remain resilient in situations out of our control.