The Barton Partnership’s Fractional Advisory service connects Boards and Executive management with trusted senior advisors to tackle critical business challenges. Leveraging our Client Partners and over 8,500 independent consultants, we deliver bespoke, cost-effective, and flexible solutions across five specialist functional areas:
Strategy: Our Strategy Partners utilise the Strategy in Action platform to support management teams in formulating strategies and defining key initiatives. This platform facilitates clear strategic planning, team alignment, world-class training, and a continuous strategic process.
Supply Chain: We enhance supply chain resilience, responsiveness, and efficiency. Our services include risk mitigation, ESG goal delivery, cost optimisation, and technology integration, ensuring robust, adaptable, and cost-efficient supply chains.
Sustainability: We assist clients in achieving NetZero commitments, building competitive advantages, driving sustainable growth, and developing impact strategies, while staying ahead of ESG compliance and reporting requirements.
Human Capital: Our Human Capital services focus on leadership alignment, people strategy, and performance culture. We enhance top-team alignment, develop talent strategies, innovate work practices, improve employee engagement, and enable digital transformation within HR.
Pricing & Commercial Excellence: Our expertise includes growth strategies, commercial and pricing transformations, value creation for private equity, innovation go-to-market strategies, monetisation, and sustainability, driving commercial excellence and business growth.

Trusted Senior Advisors

Gain access to The Barton Partnership’s Client Partners who possess extensive experience guiding Boards and Executive management on critical strategic and transformational issues. Our Client Partners bring specialised knowledge and industry best practices to address specific business challenges, offering an unbiased and impartial perspective essential for robust decision-making and avoiding costly mistakes.

Our flexible engagement model allows rapid activation and adjustment to meet changing needs, ensuring clients receive timely, expert guidance and oversight from the Client Partner with the ability to scale consulting resource up and down depending on need.

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Price & Quality

Our lean operating model eliminates the overheads typical of larger consulting firms. We integrate our teams with yours to ensure effective knowledge transfer and staff training.

We deploy teams of experienced experts to ensure success and accelerate project delivery, overseen by our Client Partners for delivery excellence.

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Oliver Phoenix

Group Managing Director

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