AI and the C-Suite: Revolutionising decision-making processes

Location Online & on-demand

Wednesday, 25 October 2023

We were delighted to host four fantastic panellists, Mohan Jayaraman (Bain), Dr Richard George (Pearson), Clare Kitching, and Kevin Pereira (Blu Ltd – Artificial Intelligence), who explored the critical success factors when contemplating the adoption and integration of generative AI into strategies and processes, particularly at Board and Executive levels. 
The discussion highlighted: 
  • The importance of data-rich industries in leading Gen AI adoption in the Asia Pacific region
  • The critical role of human capital in driving Gen AI integration
  • The significance of fostering an experimental culture and adhering to ethical guidelines for successful Gen AI development
  • The shift from job displacement to task redistribution necessitating widespread upskilling efforts
  • Acknowledgement of adaptive and risk-based regulations for navigating the evolving AI landscape in the region