Powering Up: APAC's Energy Transition Roadmap

Location Singapore

Tuesday, 13 June 2023

The energy industry is undergoing significant changes as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. Our panel will delve into the most critical yet frequently overlooked topics that are shaping the energy transition in Asia: 
  1. What strategies are companies adopting in response to Energy Transition?
  2. Discussing the framework and dimensions of Energy Transition
  3. Challenges around climate financing 
  4. The ongoing energy crisis and its impact on Energy Transition

  • Sandeep Biswas - Partner, Energy Transition - Kearney
  • Leon Farrant-CEO & Co-Founder - Green Li-Ion
  • Kiran Raj-Group CFO - Sun Cable
  • Amiram Roth-Deblon-Chief Operating Officer - Blueleaf Energy
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