We are delighted to share The Barton Partnership’s Independent Consulting & Advisory in Review Report for 2023-24. Now in its ninth year, the report highlights the dynamic evolution and growing impact of independent consulting globally, with analysis of >650 projects showcasing the essential role of the independent consultant in driving business transformation and strategic decision-making. 
Key Findings:
  • Career longevity: Independent consulting is increasingly recognised as a long-term career path, with 53% of the respondents intending to continue in this field for 6 years or more.  
  • Motivations and preferences: Flexibility and autonomy remain the top motivators for professionals moving into independent consulting. 58% of respondents valued autonomy, while 52% emphasised flexibility. Additionally, 57% of consultants consider financial rewards, 55% consider project subject or specialism, and 50% consider intellectual challenges as key factors in project selection.
  • Work patterns and day rate trends: 76% of consultants maintained or increased their workdays year-over-year. 38% reported an increase in day rates, reflecting sustained demand for specialist skills and expertise.
  • Project sourcing: 71% of consultants used headhunters/recruiters for project sourcing, highlighting the importance of professional networks and external platforms in business development.
  • Future demand: Key drivers for project demand include strategic compliance and regulation, cost and change management, technology integration expertise, operational efficiency through tech, in-demand expertise, and investment advisory.

Download the full report here