In Conversation with Dave Allen, Founder of Brandpie
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​​In this episode, The Barton Partnership's Founder and CEO, Nicholas Barton, sits down with Dave Allen, Founder of Brandpie, an independent consultancy specialising in purpose-driven transformation. 
Here, he shares his career journey and experience working alongside Sir Martin Sorrell and emphasises the crucial role of corporate purpose and employee engagement, advocating for the seamless integration of purpose across all aspects of a business.
He also reflects on contemporary leadership challenges, underscoring the importance of adaptability in today's ever-evolving business landscape. Furthermore, he highlights the critical value of placing trust in your team as a catalyst for inspiration and increased employee engagement.

About Brandpie:
Brandpie works with complex, multinational corporations, ambitious, fast-growth entrepreneurs and leading NGOs looking to build a purpose-led future. We work with every sector and have in-depth experience in healthcare, pharma, technology, financial services, consulting, professional services, energy, automotive, aerospace and engineering. 
Brandpie was named one of the Financial Times' leading Management Consultancies every year since 2018 and B2B Agency of the Year in North America by the Drum in 2019.