We’re B-Corp certified!
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We’re proud to share that The Barton Partnership is now B-Corp™ certified, joining a global movement of organisations committed to using their business power for good. 
“This certification is just the first step in our journey. We have always taken a conscience-driven approach to business, and B-Corp provides a formal framework to refine our processes and deepen our connection to our values of being Human, Aware, and Committed,” commented Group Managing Director Oliver Phoenix. “We’re excited to join a community of like-minded businesses taking external accountability for their actions and using their platform for good, and our teams are motivated more than ever to drive positive change for our clients, community and the environment.”
B Corporations are a growing group of companies that are reinventing business by balancing purpose with profit. As a Certified B-Corp, we meet rigorous social and environmental standards, representing our commitment to people before profit.
This certification enables us to comprehensibly measure and manage the impact of our business on our people, community, and the environment with as much precision as we manage and monitor financial performance. We have an internal ESG committee who work to advance our sustainability and charity efforts globally. In addition, via our CSR programme, we actively support a variety of charity partners and provide two fully paid volunteer days per year to inspire participation.