Johannah Lynch
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We are proud to be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation, and an opportunity to reflect on the importance of minding our mental health and what we can do as a business to better support the mental well-being of our teams.  
Here at TBP, we believe in healthy workplaces where everyone can thrive, and we are committed to supporting the mental and physical well-being of our people. This week, we're hosting several initiatives across our business globally to highlight the importance of prioritising good mental health, finding positive work/life balance, and showing our continued appreciation of our people. 
Wellness care packages
Who doesn’t love receiving gifts in the post?! We certainly do, and as a small token of our appreciation, we have sent out wellness care packages to remind our people to take time out to look after themselves. 
Out of office on! Relax and recharge day
We're finishing up the week with an extra-long weekend. This Friday will be a TBP Relax and Recharge Day. A company-wide day off to encourage everyone to take some time to focus on their mental health. A day to be spent relaxing, recharging, or extra time spent with family and friends – whatever brings them joy!
Mental Health support all year round
During the pandemic, we gave all employees access to a counselling service, fully paid for by the business. Since returning to a hybrid workplace model, the mental well-being of our workforce has remained one of our core priorities. This initiative has been implemented permanently for everyone across our business globally, as and when they need it. 
Prioritising employee engagement 
We strive to create an open feedback culture. Earlier this year, we were delighted to be awarded a 2-star Best Companies accreditation, recognising the business as an 'outstanding' place to work and based on an anonymous feedback survey completed by our teams. Best Companies is the leading expert on workplace and employee engagement, working with organisations to measure and recognise excellence using its methodology to evaluate eight key aspects of workplace engagement, including well-being, leadership and giving back.
We are thrilled that our commitment to our people was recognised, and we continue to seek new ways to support our team's mental and physical well-being and drive meaningful connections across our global business.