Johannah Lynch
ungefähr 2 Jahre her by Johannah Lynch
​Today, on World Earth Day, we pledge our continued commitment to sustainable business practices and reaffirm the steps we are taking to tackle climate change.
We are delighted to be taking part in Tree-Nation’s #AllInForEarthDay campaign. Since 2019, we have partnered with Tree-Nation, a platform for reforesting the world and fighting climate change. Tree Nation directs and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide and has planted more than 5 million trees since its foundation. Every time we place a candidate into a new role, we plant a tree in one of their planting projects worldwide. Since launching this partnership, we have planted more than 2,400 trees, resulting in 1,226 tonnes of C02 compensated.
Carbon offset programme
At the start of 2020, we committed to offsetting our carbon emissions for all business operations. In addition to our work with Tree-Nation, we partner with Sustainable Travel International to calculate our carbon footprint and invest in carbon offset programmes; forestry projects, energy projects, and blue carbon projects).
ESG events & insights
There is a growing sense of urgency to assess environmental, social and governance performance, and we are seeing more and more clients reaching out to secure the capabilities they need to meet their ESG ambitions and responsibilities on both a permanent and independent consulting basis.
Through our ESG & Sustainability practice, we have made a conscious effort to promote and share knowledge within this space. We were thrilled to host a series of panel discussions last year addressing - ESG: Investment, Leadership, Performance and Excellence - for our network in Europe and the US, as well as an APAC-focussed discussion, all accessible on-demand through our events hub. We have a number of new initiatives planned for 2022, which we look forward to sharing throughout the year as we continue to seek new ways of playing our part and investing in the future of our planet.