Oscar Cristofoli
about 1 month ago by Oscar Cristofoli
​In this episode of Spotlight On, Alex Dyke is joined by Christine Rupp, Managing Director of IBM for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, to discuss the pivotal role of female leadership in the era of AI. Here, they explore the strategic imperative for this leadership, highlighting the significant gap between the demand for women's leadership to counter gender bias and their representation in strategic AI-focussed roles. Christine shares insights into IBM's concerted efforts to bridge this gap, focusing on targeted upskilling programs and events to boost female leadership and participation.

The episode discusses effective strategies to enhance women's confidence in their AI leadership capabilities, underlining the importance of mentorship, role modeling, and allyship. Christine emphasises the critical need for ethical considerations, trust, and transparency in AI's development and implementation, in line with IBM's 5 Pillars and the EU AI Act.