Jason Roofe
about 4 years ago by Jason Roofe

94% of companies say that agility is critical but only 6% of them claim to be very good. Continuous business transformation and change is essential, particularly if you want to operate with increased agility. Engaging your people in the change process is essential to its success, but while technology is usually the trigger for organisational change, tech to help people through the change process is often lacking.

70% percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support.” Is it possible to drive employee engagement during the change process with a purely digital product?  Using the right tools can improve the pace of change and increases the chance of a smoother transition, but how and when should organisations use digital tools and where is the right balance between the role of humans and technology - data and scale vs hearts and minds?

How can organisations equip and empower leaders at all levels for successful change?

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