Johannah Lynch
over 4 years ago by Johannah Lynch
In a world that is constantly evolving, one thing remains certain: strategic thinking. The environment in which the thinking is happening may have changed, but the nature of the thinking hasn’t. Client organisations will still need someone—usually strategy consultants—to help them understand their competitive advantage, and how that will play out. But what does this changing environment mean for strategy consultants, and what impact will this have on the skill sets needed?
We’ve released a white paper in partnership with Source Global Research exploring the ways in which strategy is changing and the implications this has on the skill sets required.
Some of the key themes include:​
  • The changing environment in which strategic thinking is happening
  • The evolution of strategy consulting and the impact digital transformation has had on the scope of strategic work, blurring the boundaries between technology, analytics, strategy, and implementation
  • Is strategy embedded in everything and do you need a separate practice?
  • The impact the war for talent is having on strategist skillsets
  • The 7 key skills of the strategist

Download the whitepaper