Nicholas Barton
over 7 years ago by Nicholas Barton

This month's 60 Second Interview is with Melissa Joye, VP at Amex. 

Studied: Economics, French (undergrad) and Business Administration (grad) 

Born: Wimbledon, UK Lives: London, UK and soon to be Los Angeles, CA, USA 

Eating: Like most cuisines but hate all seafood 

Drinking: Wine. Red and rose. 

Favourite business book: Lean In  - does that count as a business book?

First ambition: To be a Librarian or a Judge 

Talents: Singing and organisation 

How do you know The Barton Partnership? 

I worked with The Barton Partnership to hire several Directors into my team at Amex. 

Why did you first get into strategy having started your career in banking?

I wanted to step back from the analysis and overly intense working rhythm of banking to do something more thoughtful and help people make decisions and get things done. 

What was the most significant frustration during your time as a strategy consultant?

My inability to be satisfied with my/my team’s work quality without putting in too many hours. 

What was the most difficult/challenging project you have worked on as a consultant?

Trying to save an Irish bank from collapse after the financial crisis. 

What advice would you give a consultant who is about to move into an internal strategy role for the first time?

Take the time to really understand how the organisation works, both in terms of its actual organisation structure (if it’s not straightforward) but also in terms of which leaders have influence and why. 

What was the biggest challenge you had to undergo when moving from Consulting to Industry?

Dealing with slower speed of decision making and more complicated internal administrative processes. 

What are the greatest obstacles facing those who wish to pursue a career in consulting?

Building expertise that makes you useful while maintaining ability to be more of a generalist when required. 

Do you have a favourite interview question? 

Tell me about something (usually professional) that you are very proud of.​