We are pleased to share The Barton Partnership’s 2022 Permanent Search UK Compensation Insight Report.
This year’s report draws on a survey completed by almost 1,500 consultants and industry professionals between August and December 2021. Respondents provided details relating to salaries, bonuses and incentives, insights into compensation satisfaction, motivating factors when considering a move and key drivers for moving from consulting into industry.

Key findings:

  • Retention challenges & active job market: ~1/2 of respondents in Consulting and 39% of respondents in industry are expecting to move companies in the next 12 months.

  • Key drivers impacting transition from consulting to industry: Consultants primarily move to industry for a better work/life balance and new challenges.

  • Attracting talent and motivating factors by gender: Financial reward and company culture are the most highly rated factors for male and female respondents (respectively) when considering a new role.

  • Preferences around working practices by level: 72% of respondents would prefer to work from home ≥3 days per week or have a fully flexible remote working policy. 

  • The impact of remote working: 63% of respondents believe remote working has had a positive impact on productivity, though this comes at the detriment of workplace culture & collaboration. 

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