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Data & Analytics Jobs and Recruitment 

Now more than ever, Data & Analytics is influencing how companies do business. The rise of Advanced Analytics techniques and powerful Data solutions is influencing how companies set their strategy and structure their business models. Companies that have successfully utilised such methods are continually gaining competitive advantage, while companies that haven’t are falling by the wayside.  

This rapid development requires talent have the appropriate technical skill set, but also the ability to understand how Data & Analytics can influence company’s’ strategies and are commercial enough to work across a business to implement their ideas.  

Types of Jobs 

There are many different jobs that you could go for in the Data analytics field. These include things such as data entry and research positions. However, if you are looking for senior positions, the Barton Partnership typically recruits for the types of job roles listed below:

Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Analytics Director, Data Director, Data Science Director, Insight Director, Data Strategy Director, Data Governance Director, Head of Analytics, Head of Insight, Head of Data, Head of Data Science, Head of Data Strategy, Business Intelligence Director, Data Intelligence Director, Data Science Consultant

Hopefully this has given you an idea on the types of senior data and analytics jobs available whether you are currently looking or thinking of a new challenge in your career.

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