Oliver Phoenix
9 months ago by Oliver Phoenix


  • A PE Firm with real estate, agriculture, and industrial assets required a clear plan to meet the 2040 NetZero targets it set for its portfolio
  • The client also wanted to be ahead of the curve for potential future regulations for biodiversity
  • The client had decided to achieve 50% of its Net Zero deficit through nature investments but lacked knowledge of carbon and nature investment strategies
  • The client required a strategic advisor to drive a long-term nature investment program


The Barton Partnership provided fractional advisory to the PE Firm’s Founder and executive team to implement the nature investment program.
  • Framed the goals and strategic questions; engaged subject matter experts to support specific research and analyses; provided oversight to the whole program
  • Evaluated the potential carbon impact of existing Scottish forestry assets to address the Net Zero gap. Provided recommendations to sell
  • Collaborated with an environmental consultancy to baseline the natural impact of the existing asset portfolio
  • Developed a framework for prioritising nature habitats according to carbon capture, biodiversity net gain, and financial potential
  • Identified and screened nature opportunities in the client’s key markets (e.g., UK, Italy, Nordics, Australia, Indonesia)


  • Provided clear recommendations to sell forestry assets and reinvest the capital to a global portfolio of carbon and nature assets
  • Provided a prioritised list of the highest financial and capital redeployment opportunities in key markets 
  • Identified a UK nature asset as a pilot to initiate the reinvestment program