Johannah Lynch
over 4 years ago by Johannah Lynch

​The UK consulting industry has seen the 3rd fastest growth in female hiring over the last 20 years. But while the number of women in the industry has grown by 190% in that time, gender imbalance has grown by 5%.

The bottom line: at lower levels in strategy consulting women continue to make inroads. Move up the chain, however, and the numbers drop significantly.

So, how do we improve attraction and retention of women in strategy consulting? In 2019, The Barton Partnership's New York team achieved a 45% female placement ratio, with 90% of shortlists having a 50% gender diversity ratio. We are committed to working with our clients to build diverse talent pools and our Women in Strategy initiative focuses on increasing the proportion of women in strategy at leadership levels.

As part of this ongoing initiative we are exploring gender diversity within the strategy sphere and we are pleased to share our latest insight, based on The Barton Partnership's 2019 panel discussion: Women in Strategy. We invited leading female strategists to share their experiences of gender diversity within the strategy sphere, delving into the challenges they have faced, what diversity initiatives they would recommend and what advice they would give to young women embarking on a career in strategy.

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