The Barton Partnership proud to be included in the NHS SBS Consultancy and Advisory Services for Health Framework
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​​We are proud to announce our successful inclusion in the NHS SBS Consultancy and Advisory Services for Health Framework (CASH SBS10197). Following a highly competitive and rigorous tender process, The Barton Partnership has been selected for three significant lots:

Lot 1: Business, Leadership, Management, Governance, Structure & Strategy
Lot 5: IT Business Consultancy
Lot 9: Social Value, Sustainability, and Carbon Neutrality

This inclusion is a testament to The Barton Partnership's expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional consulting and recruitment services.

Founder and CEO, Nicholas Barton commented: “Our selection for the NHS framework marks a significant achievement and reflects our dedication to excellence. This opportunity allows us to bring our unique blend of strategic insight, leadership acumen, and governance expertise to the public sector, particularly in areas critical to the NHS's future, such as Strategy, Transformation, Data & Analytics, and ESG & Sustainability. As the NHS undergoes a profound transformation, we are uniquely positioned to provide the necessary talent to support this evolution efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Through a curated network of more than 8,500 independent consultants, globally recognised by Forbes and The Financial Times, we can support our Public Sector clients with individuals and teams for business-critical projects.

Ben Glitherow, Director of The Barton Partnership's Public Sector Practice, added: "Being part of the NHS Framework enables us to contribute significantly to the transformation and advancement of the UK's public health sector. Our expertise in business strategy, sustainability, and governance aligns perfectly with the NHS's objectives, and we are excited to support their vital work."

The NHS Framework provides a streamlined and efficient route for public sector organisations to access top-tier consulting services, ensuring quality and value. The inclusion of The Barton Partnership in this framework reinforces the company's position as a leading provider of talent solutions across Strategy & M&A, Data & Analytics, ESG & Sustainability, and Transformation & Change.